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Laurel was born in South Eastern Saskatchewan in a very small town where she had many nights to explore the open night sky for there was very little light pollution. As a small child her first spiritual experience came during her mothers NDE (near death experience), where she heard an inner voice on how to assist her. Her innocence made her look up to the sky, wondering if that inner voice came from above.  Seeing how the stars aligned and reading many Astrology books as a young teen and self studying the works of Liz Green, Dane Rudhyar, Stephon Arroyo, Alan Oken and many others had her curious how this ancient language worked and loved this Ancient Science ever since then.

After Graduating she worked a few years until she was able pay her way through Alternative Medicine(Traditional Chinese Medicine). From there she switched over to Western Medicine working in a number of Medical Laboratories all the while seeking how energy worked within the body and beyond. Learning and knowing through life experiences and being a witness to several NDE’s she definitiely knows the ’inner voice’ which is called Clairaudience and that everyone can heal themselves and the power of the mind is KEY to everything!

As Laurel began creating her family she left medicine to be a full time mom and at that point in her life she began to get back into studying many spiritual healing modalities and furthering in Astrology. In 2008 she started studying Greg Bogarts book called, Astrology and Meditation. Greg is a well known Psychotherapist and Astrologer in the San Francisco Bay Area and with his gentle approach and high professionalism he was a huge inspiration in getting her to practice Astrology. It was a privilege to get the opportunity to meet him and for him to share his draft copy of ‘Planets in Therapy. In the preface, Greg talks about his trip to India and about the great Vedic Astrologer Chakrapani Ullal. From then on the spark of light began shifting Laurel over to studying Jyotish- Vedic Astrology. During this time Laurel was also in-depth in meditation and her spiritual growth began to really blossom when she practised and completed many years of Clairvoyant training courses with Michael J Tamura a very well known spiritual teacher and pioneer of psychic development. Laurel is still an active member of Michael & Raphaelle’s Shape community.

Laurel continued to study the works of David Frawley, Prash Trivedi, James Braha, Kapiel Raaj and many others but it wasn’t till she had an amazing reading done by Joni Patry and taking her up on her offer to teach Laurel which became a great opportunity! Laurel is Certified with her University and is currently a tutor at the University of Vedic Astrology where she teaches, assists students, and continues to read for clients all over the world.