Why? Transiting Mars is now out of declination adding to the lack of control so going invisible in the constellation of Gemini at 16 degrees in a difficult nakshatra called Ardra on June 1st. It also is transiting with Rahu(North node of the Moon) and tMercury just getting into Gemini on the 1st making Gemini very loaded up with energy. To top it off we will also have tMars traveling with the Sun from June to Sept. creating a very hot summer especially in the West. tMars will not reappear till Nov 3rd in the constellation of Virgo at 25 degrees in the nakshatra of Chitra. tMars invisibility at 16 degrees is also the same degrees of the Solar eclipse on July 2nd which is very important in indicating that tMars will be the trigger energy to many events coming!

Mars symbolizes military, anger, violence, heat, fire, guns, speed etc and transiting in Gemini ruled by Mercury which is all about our communications…how we talk to one another, all forms of publications, trade, all forms of transportation such as aircraft, boats, railway etc. My insight here is to let everyone know that this is NOT the time to be rushing around, road rage, getting into arguments and the like.  Have patience, slow down and smell the flowers…be the witness do not engage!

Looking at Canada’s birth chart, July 1st, 1867 at 12:00 noon, Ottawa, Ontario which I use because it is the beginning of confederation; is a line up of energy in Canada’s 10th house (symbolizing Gov’t, reputations, leaders, Capital of our country etc) manifesting as trade issues, our Prime Minster having his reputation decline, communication scandal with one of our top military leaders and airline data issues to just mention a few. Our natal Sun is here also representing our leader. I feel the energy towards Capital hill and Gov’t leaders will need to be very careful! Everyone needs to be extra aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activities.

The opposite house from the 10th of Canada’s birth chart is our 4th house which currently we have tSaturn retrograde, Ketu(South node of the Moon) less then 1 degree apart and the long time transiting Pluto all manifesting energy in the constellation of Sagittarius. This shows me that Canada will need to be very careful late spring and all summer with fire on our homeland(4th house). Saturn is dry, Ketu is heat/fire and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Ketu can indicate the NorthWest direction and Sagittarius rules forests. As I write this Alberta has many fires and a massive NW fire near High Level last check was over 230,000 hectares and growing. Western provinces especially the Northern locations will need to be extra careful while having fun camping to make sure all pit/bonfires are completely watered down before leaving.

Another few insights on the energy conjunction of tSaturn retro ,Ketu and tPluto in our 4th house is that Saturn rules crude oil, Ketu represents cutting so showing the manifestation of Canada’s oil in our own homeland being cut off from getting to any coast East or West for export and all the self-righteous opinions and legal issues about oil for Sagittarius rules our hard core beliefs and higher laws. We need to be neutral to be aware of what is really going on with one of our important commodities and really SEE what is!

On May 23rd another great representation of tSaturn conj. Ketu in our 4th house symbolizes elders of our past with our homeland was the exoneration of one of our Cree First Nation great leaders of peace Chief Poundmaker. After 134 years of a wrong conviction makes us all see the resiliency of our First Nations. This ceremony was held at Cut Knife, Sask. and Ketu symbolizes to cut. Amazing!!

Take sometime to slow down and surrender so everyone can enjoy the journey!

In closing I just wanted to thank all my students, friends and family for being so patient and waiting for me to share more publicly. As everyone knows me I am Laurel Rogers-Jones from Alberta Canada practicing Vedic Astrology and a healer who meets you where you are and teaches you how to raise your vibrations to help you awaken from the sleep state becoming your true self so you can see the whole truth!