Photo art created by Laurel Rogers-Jones

Key note t=Transiting

October is here and already in the mountains we had a blast of snow. Yes I know for most Canadians that four letter word needs to be classified as a swear word lol!

Early September dawn I hear the call of the bull Elk or as my main guide would call it Wapiti from my window signalling earlier season change and HELLO girlfriend where are you? (: 

I gave myself the space to enjoy the beautiful colours of fall and as I walked I was aware of the bunnies preparing for weather change as well. Nature always shows us if you just take sometime to communicate and be.

As I look at the movements of the planets for the month of October I will highlight some significances…

*  tVenus was invisible all throughout the summer and early fall and now reappears as an evening star at dusk throughout Canada after the first week of Oct. depending on your location. This will occur near the fixed star Spica but on the Libra side which is located right where the Maiden or as most know her as Virgo the virgin where she holds the wheat sheaf. Venus loves being in Libra, its own sign. This is a great insight to note for it will enhance all Venus qualities such as relationship balancing, beauty, luxuries, and the arts. If your looking at creating this is a boost to your art, very very exciting so take advantage of the energy of Venus at this time!

*  tMars will remain in Virgo for the whole month of Oct. It will likely be a harder flu season so make sure your rest is of quality and have high hygiene.

*  I find it interesting that tMars will be exactly 17 degrees on Oct. 21st and exactly midpoint to the nodal Moons of Rahu and Ketu. As well to note this is exactly on Canada’s Ascendant and Rahu will be on Canada’s Sun exactly at 17 degrees so watch for this affecting our current leadership on this Voting day! 

*  tMars will also be having a full mutable aspect with tSaturn and this is likely going to show up as frustration and hopefully creating a breakthrough. This hard square will be occurring with Canada’s 1st house and 4th house so indicating the Canadian people(1st house) will be frustrated with our homeland security and 4th house is also the seat of the throne and natural resources such as mining cut backs in the Potash sector and all underground resources. More issues around needing more mental peace/counselling coming up within our places of higher education for tSaturn is still in Sagittarius the natural ruler of higher education. 

*  tMars being in an earth sign coming to the midpoint of the nodes will trigger bigger earthquake.

*  tSaturn stationed direct on Sept 18th and to the day it was making a hard square to our PM’s natal Moon in the 8th H of Pisces. Wow 8th house moon can create scandal and defaming lessons around humiliation from the public masses. Pisces rules the natural 12th house of the zodiac and relates to film industry/photography!

*  tJupiter is having its last movements in Scorpio where it will move into Sagittarius on Nov. 4th. However its important to note the last 2 weeks of Oct. tJupiter will be in Ghandanta which literally means the knot at the end. This  is when a planet is entering the last degrees of a water sign and early degrees of a fire sign basically causing tension creating steam. This will create more storms and flooding issues possibly due to a Tsunami. As well tMars will give tJupiter more energy due to tJupiter being in a Mars sign.

*  Oct. 31st Mercury will be turning retrograde at 3 degrees of Scorpio and backing into Libra during its retro till the Nov 21st. So take extra time to make sure your communication is clear and your data is being backed up on your computer!

*  The last important aspects to mention is on Oct 30th the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be together in the constellation of Scorpio which is called a Saraswati Yoga and is a very positive configuration for learning and speaking and all arts. So pick up that camera, paintbrush, pen, telescope, or musical instrument and share your talent to help yourself and others heal!

Love and light Laurel