As I enjoyed the long weekend with my boys I was inspired to bring out the camera again and the Maple leaf became my creative fun!


I am creating this blog post from a more transcendental manner…


New Moon phase has started

Magha the royal throne

Who will our leader be?

Canada elections ramp-up

Oh Canada


Stellium of planets in Leo

All combusted by the Sun

Venus moves into Virgo

The 1st to break the stellium

Lovers may criticize


Few days later

Mercury finds its home

Virgo exaltation

Mercury supports debilitated Venus


Full Moon on 14th Aquarius  

Blessings of the ancestors

Mars opposes Neptune 

Trident shifts tectonic plates


Saturn slugging in Sagittarius

Turns direct 19 degrees on 18th

Mars enters Virgo

Health must be organized

Amplifying flu season


Rahu enters Ardra Nakshatra

Keeping Meteorologists busy

Rudra form of Shiva

Signifies transformation

Teardrops of compassion Rudrakshas


More Russia Volcano eruptions

Prevailing winds carrying

Particulates and Aerosols 

Making sunsets purple

Cooling Western Canada


Rare Saturn & Ketu conjunction

Sagittarius 3rd final exact 

Spotlights higher education & supreme courts

Disciplined spiritual practises

Higher vibrations miracles reveal


Love and light Laurel