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Laurel and I have been best friends since childhood.  I wasn’t surprised to hear bout her interest and continuing education with Vedic Astrology given her interest in astrology over many years, as well as her curiosity as to what makes people tick, seeing the root of any situation with compassion and timing of world events.  I am personally grateful to Laurel for her sage advice and insights that she has shared with me over the years. I wish her the best in her endeavors and know that she will provide a great service to others.  I look forward to our continued friendship and recommend her services as they’ve helped me gain such great insights into my life.  My only hope is that one day we live closer to one another however it is wonderful to have her only a phone call or email away. 

Samantha , Nanaimo BC


I had an intuitive reading with Laurel just over 2 yrs ago that proved to be very enlightening and accurate. She has a peaceful, gentle approach. I enjoyed my reading and highly recommend!

Paul K, Banff AB


Laurel’s natal chart reading is a great reminder just how much we are influenced by the cosmos. Even those increased aches and pains were explained and will get better soon. It was wonderful validation for so many things I have been pondering for the future and have been doing in the past to know their strong representation in my chart. Aviation, horses, cats, nature, the mystical wow I feel so predictable! Many things were made more clear, even my lack of clarity!    

-Charla L, Utah