August begins with the dark waxing Moon in Cancer along with the Sun, Venus and Mars and by the next day Mercury will be there as well. This is the New Moon Cancer cycle till the next New Moon in Leo on Aug 30th. Having all this energy in Cancer is really about getting everyone to see what does or does not make you happy?? 

Cancer is the natural 4th House of the Zodiac so all this planetary energy will be good for everyone to look at what kind of foundation/home life you have. Is your home a place to relax and replenish or is it cluttered and stressful? The 4th House is how you receive love and how you nourish yourself for anatomically this is were the blood comes into the heart. Maybe this is the time for you to shift out of putting everyone else first and start replenishing your own energy so your home life and your heart is happier. These planetary energies are a great reminder, caring for ourselves is not selfish its being responsible for yourself and the wonderful results from doing this self care is you remain healthy and then it ripples outwards to everyone else receiving your great vibrations!

This month has a lot of planets shifting starting with tMars moving into the constellation of Leo the evening of August 8th. A few days later tJupiter the planet of expansion, opportunities, knowledge and positivity finally turns stationary direct early hours of August 11th. What you learned during Jupiter retrograde can now be implemented. tUranus on the same day turns retrograde at 12 degrees of Aries so earthquake and volcano activity increases for Mars is the dispositor planet for both Jupiter and Uranus currently! Mars is no longer debilitated and gains his energy strength in Leo.

By August 15th we have the full Moon in Capricorn and tVenus will completely be combust the Sun so beware of relationships and money issues for likely they will heat up! tVenus will shift into Leo on the 16th but will still be consumed by the Sun for August 17th the Sun will come into Leo as well. The Sun in Leo will likely boost your ego so have fun with ego relationship battles LOL! This will heat up the temperatures and politicians/leaders of countries will feel the heat too. tSun, tVenus and tMars will all be in Leo and the last few days Aug 26th on tMercury will join in too.

tNeptune as I mentioned before is in Canada’s 6th house of health is conjunct our natal Ketu (karaka of loss) and forming a complete opposition to Canada’s natal Rahu in the 12th House is not good. I feel to give out a warning that Canada will need to really be careful about the deception of foreign pharmaceutic drug deals! 

As I begin to look at the remainder of August I have the vision of the movie, The Lion King show up and I know what that means intuitively. You see the constellation of Leo is ruled by the Sun where the Lion in the sky is located and what type of energy Leo is all about is easy to understand when you think of Lions. They are fantastic leaders and rulers of their territory/kingdom. Lions are strong and very loyal and are focused (fixed sign) and when they make choices for their pride they stick to it for the whole so having high integrity. They live in a pride so very social animals just like if you ever met a strong Leo type person. They are highly creative, loud, proud and they like to have a good time but don’t be fooled for these people are usually trust worthy and can make some of the best leaders and are loyal once your in their group.  

Leo is the natural 5th house of the Zodiac so if you worked on your foundation of home and happiness earlier in the month then the planets shifting into Leo will be smoother for you. Did you provide yourself with the proper nourishment? Are the people in your home supportive?

Of the whole natal chart I see the 5th House being the most important for this is the WHY you get out of bed each morning! The 5th House is the ability to produce, where we express our joy and love. Its the blood leaving the heart, so who are you going on a date with? Are you loyal to the person you share your life with? Who and what are you loving? Use this Leo energy and have fun and get creating, express your passions so you can share for the rest of the world to enjoy! 

Love and light Laurel

* Photo Art created by Jeanvdmeulen 

* Small t=transiting